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Low-Slope Roofing Services in Texas

Because of benefits like longevity, easy maintenance, great energy efficiency, etc., low slope roofing is one of the most popular roofing options for Texas commercial building owners.

What is Low-Slope Roofing?

Basically, low slope roofing refers to a nearly flat or almost level roof. Although flat roofing is common for commercial buildings, it has recently become more popular for residential buildings as well.

We offer professional low slope roofing installation, repair, and replacement services at Lawrenz Contracting. We have been building commercial low-slope roofing systems for more than 10 years, and we are more than capable of handling any issues you might encounter! We can assist you with any business low-slope roof work, whether it be repair or replacement.

Components of Low-Slope Roof Membranes

Low-slope roofing is incredibly resilient, economical with energy, and simple to maintain. Some essential parts of low-slope roof membranes include the following:

● Reinforcements

This element is crucial for strengthening the roof and enhancing its resiliency and tolerance.

● Weatherproof Layer

Your low-slope roof is always exposed to severe weather conditions that are constantly changing. However, weatherproofing layers help in protecting your roof from harm brought on by the weather. Additionally, it stops water from penetrating your roofing system.

● Surfacing

This shields your reinforcement and resists weather harm. Regarding hail, fire, and other elements, surfacing also increases resistance. Additionally, it improves thermal efficiency.

Materials used for low-slope roofing

  • Polymer-modified bitumen membranes
  • Single-ply membranes
  • Build-up membranes
  • Metal panels
  • Spray polyurethane

Advantages of Low-Slope Roofing System

Instead of pitched roofing, many commercial buildings have flat or low-sloped roofs. Consider the following advantages if you’re still unsure about low slope roofing’s advantages.

  • Improve heating and cooling
  • Low maintenance
  • Low-cost installation costs
  • Compatibility with modern solar panels
  • Variety of styles and designs
  • Less wasted space

Why Choose Lawrenz Contracting As Your Low-Slope Roofers?

While there are many companies in Texas that provide commercial roofing services, our business stands out as the best in low-slope roofing. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of the commercial homeowners and property managers who use our services. When you contact us with your needs, you can be sure that you’ll receive prompt services, and high-quality work at an inexpensive price.

● We Have Years of Experience Working on Low-Slope Commercial Roofs

In Texas, we have been involved in numerous commercial low-slope roofing projects. Regardless of the size or intricacy of your low-slope roof, we know what it takes to restore it to top condition.

● We Only Use Quality Low-Slope Roofing Materials

A high-quality roof provides maximum protection from any outside elements. With us, your commercial low-slope roof will be installed, repaired, or replaced using only the best low-slope roofing materials.

● Industry Best Customer Service

We pledge to uphold this commitment by consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our goal as a company is to help you. No matter what type of roofing project you have, we work hard to exceed your expectations.

● Commitment to Safety

We are aware of how dangerous roofing is. We think that not being safe not only harms you as an employee and a business but also puts our consumers at risk, which we strongly condemn. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick a commercial roofer carefully who values and cares about the security of its people and adheres to all safety standards.

● Certified Low-Slope Roofers

Just by having a valid certification, the company has proven itself capable of using all the correct roofing methods and creating high-quality products. That’s why we are insured, licensed, and bonded. So you can rely on us to perform high-quality roofing work thanks to this guarantee.

Call Texas’ Premier Low-Slope Roofers Today!

We are delighted to serve, whether your low-slope roof is leaking and requires roof repair or if it just has to be completely replaced because it has aged poorly. Trust the best low-slope roofers in Texas with your roof. We provide hassle-free, no-obligation commercial roofing estimates!

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The industry has been my life since 2010, when I started as a field insurance adjuster. After two years with one company and then another, it was time to make the jump into private enterprise.

In 2017-2018 season alone we had 10 storms that caused millions in damages here near Dallas Texas where our office is located at! This means every storm brings us closer towards being fully booked up all year round but don't worry, there's always room for you too.

If your roof needs repairing or restoring after last night’s rainstorm (or any other kinds), give me a call.

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Looking for a roofing company you can trust? Look no further than the Roofing Company. We're honest, experienced, and always deliver quality work. Plus, we're fully licensed and insured. So if you're in need of a new roof or just some repairs, call us today!
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Get Your Roof Repaired Right with Lawrenz Contracting

At Lawrenz Contracting, we believe in doing the job right the first time. We pride ourselves on being reliable, trustworthy, and professional when it comes to roof repair. Our services cover the entire DFW area, so you can be sure that you'll get the best quality service available. We guarantee that our team of experienced professionals will work hard to get your roof back in perfect condition. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that you're in good hands with Lawrenz Contracting.

At Lawrenz Contracting, we strive to provide the best roof repair services in the DFW area. With our team of experienced professionals, you can trust us to do the job quickly and efficiently. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to roof repair, and that's why we guarantee our workmanship. Here's what you can expect when you choose us for your roof repair needs:

- No Payment Until The Job Is Complete
- Quality Workmanship Guarantee
- Quick & Efficient Repairs
- Lowest Prices in the DFW Area

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Financing your roofing project with Lawrenz Contracting is a seamless experience. Our solutions cater to various needs, whether you're considering repairs, a replacement, or a full renovation. We understand the importance of providing affordable financing options to our community, ensuring that you can focus on your roofing project without financial stress. Benefit from competitive interest rates, a simple application process, and local support. Contact us today to explore flexible and hassle-free financing for your roofing needs.

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With a decade of experience as an insurance adjuster, I have personally inspected over 8,000 roofs. My knowledge and expertise in identifying what the roof's issues are or aren't unparalleled, especially when it comes to complications that may arise during installation like leaks due damage from weather elements such snow storms winds hurricanes hail etc. My highly trained staff will make sure your home stays dry no matter how bad things get outside!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Filing a Hail Damage Claim Affect my Insurance Premiums?

Filing a hail damage claim may or may not affect your insurance premiums. It largely depends on your insurance company and policy terms. In some cases, insurance companies view hail damage as an "act of nature" and may not raise your premiums. However, multiple claims in a short period could potentially result in an increase. It's essential to review your insurance policy and discuss your concerns with your insurance agent.

Why Can't I Just Ask My Insurance Adjuster For A Roofing Company Referral?

Insurance adjusters are meant to remain neutral parties when assessing damage to your property. They cannot provide referrals or recommendations for specific roofing companies, as it may create a conflict of interest. It's your responsibility as the homeowner to research and choose a reputable roofing contractor like Lawrenz Contracting.

Do You Offer Roof Warranties?

Yes, Lawrenz Contracting offers both manufacturer warranties and workmanship warranties. Manufacturer warranties cover the roofing materials, while our workmanship warranty covers the installation and labor. The terms and length of these warranties may vary depending on the materials used and specific services provided.

Do You Have Trade References?

At Lawrenz Contracting, we take pride in our quality work and customer satisfaction. We can provide you with trade references upon request. These references will offer insights into our work quality, professionalism, and reliability from clients who have worked with us in the past.

What Should I Do If A Contractor Asks For An Upfront Payment?

It's not uncommon for contractors to request a deposit before beginning work on a project. However, be cautious if a contractor asks for a large upfront payment or the entire project cost before starting. Lawrenz Contracting follows industry best practices and will outline the payment schedule in our contract agreement. We recommend comparing payment terms with other contractors and ensure you feel comfortable with the arrangement.

Will A New Roof Increase The Value Of My Home?

Yes, a new roof can significantly increase the value of your home. A new, high-quality roof provides better protection against weather elements, increases energy efficiency, and enhances curb appeal. Potential buyers often view a new roof as a valuable investment, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements in the near future. This can result in a higher asking price and a more attractive property for buyers.